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BP petrol station, situated next to the Bastion Hotel is in an ideal place, where in comfortable conditions you can fuel up, go shopping, or eat something before getting back on the road. It was designed in a way that gives you maximum ease during fueling up and an unproblematic entrance/exit. We have… parking spaces for automobiles and two distinct ones for trucks and buses. That arrangement allows for faster service and is time-saving for our clients resulting in their satisfaction, which is of the utmost priority for us.


To make our offer more attractive, we organize promotions from time to time, as well as contests thanks to which you can stock up on products at lower prices or win attractive prizes.

PartnerClub card is the constant part of our promotions . For each liter of petrol bought at our station, you will be given 1 point saved on your card, and for every 8zł spent on food there, you get 88 points. The points can be exchanged for various, attractive prizes or discounts from our business partners. We sincerely invite you to take part in our promotions.

Gas Prices

Temperatura zablokowania zimnego filtra: -28oC

Kurs Euro:

1 EUR = 4.15 PLN



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